High efficient (25%) PV panels tracking the sun, like trees giving shade to the ground where organic matter grows with the nitrogen water from the STP plant. Some of this Organic matter is food for the local people and in a natural way goes to the STP plant. Then separated into above water, biogas and sludge.
Bio gas gets burned producing electricity and heat, which is  transported with molten salt and stored. Sludge like other organic matter from the farm processed to bio char “syngas” and heath who also get transported with molten salt to the heat storage. Bio char used to improve the soil to “terra preta” who gives us good food. Syngas can be used to generate Bio fuel or heat, again transported with molten salt to the heat storage.
This heat storage is like a battery and even in times of over supply of electricity this electricity from the grid be stored as heat! And unlike as some sugar cane plants producing steam turbine power by burning organic matter direct we now can run the steam turbines on demand to produce electricity for the grid. As an appeal to the Public, Politicians and Power industries is to give this project a go and find out if this can be done in harmony with nature.

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